We Want To Know: Do You Have CHAOS?

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A! Hosted by Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama

PhotobucketThe ever so FABULOUS Crazymama is asking the questions this week and here is what she wants to know…

{1} Fantasy style, money is no object, if you could pick one type of help which would it be? Why?
A. maid
B. nanny
C. personal chef

I’d be all over a personal chef because I like to eat.  There’s something glorious about the idea of coming home to warm food prepared for you by someone who takes your desires into account.  I’m pretty sure, though, Taed would consider a maid a better choice.  It’s not that we have CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome) but it could look a ton better than it does.
{2} What is your least favorite household chore?
Most of them.  Since I rarely do it, I’d say dusting.  Yep, that’s my final answer.
{3} What is your least loathed (or favorite) household task/ daily chore?
While Taed has been doing the laundry the last few weeks, it’s actually the chore I most identify myself with.  After all, throw clothes in machine, take them out, throw them into another machine, hang them up.  In the meantime surf the web and avoid all the other tasks.  Seems like a winner to me.  I’ll even strip the beds and wash all the towels.

BTW, I don’t do any sort of daily chores.
{4} What is your favorite cleaning supply? Do you have any magic cleaning tips to share with your readers?
Well, Taed says if you don’t make a mess, you won’t have to clean it up.  Mine has turned into (but I’m not successful at it yet), if you don’t bring it in, you don’t have to clean it.  Seriously, no knick-knacks (really).  Keep your kitchen clean enough so you don’t get sick.  Not really a cleaning tip, but vacuum under your fridge two times a year and clean out your lint trap in your dryer.  Those are good things.  Not that I do them, Taed does.

I guess my favorite cleaning item is Taed.
{5} What is your usual housework avoidance activity? Besides playing along and linking up with the fabulous Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama for we want to know Wednesday?
iPad, MacBook, PC, TV, phone — anything with a plug.  I’m well-versed at avoiding work. 🙂


3 thoughts on “We Want To Know: Do You Have CHAOS?

  1. vandylj says:

    Reading is my go to avoidance method. But sometimes the guilt gets to me and leaving the house is the only way to really avoid doing anything.

  2. Brianne says:

    Love it!!! My Ball and Chain likes to clean so I’ll be keeping him for awhile. 🙂

  3. Mamarazzi says:

    CHAOS…so funny. my sister has that syndrome, i don’t know how she does it. i would die if my house was that messy!

    seriously. die.

    i am overly dramatic about such things…lol

    thanks for linking up!

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