There Are No Secrets

Mind you, if you blog about it, then you shouldn’t complain.

There’s no secret that there are going to be some pretty significant changes in the middle school portion of our K-8.  Like any good community of Yentas, there are no secrets.  Unfortunately, there are quite a few rumors, speculations, and concerns floating around the school fueled by gossip, half-truths, off-hand comments, and shared commiseration.  With all that, it’s no wonder that emotions are bouncing all over the place.  I honestly haven’t figured out why schools can’t just put some sort of cocktail of Wellbutrin, Xanax, Prozac,  and Paxil in the water to counter these events.

It’s weird because I’m being told by my colleagues that I’m leaving.  Of course, I don’t know that and I haven’t announced it.  I did ask to be reassigned into the elementary portion of the K-8.  I’m open 3-5, but the last conversation I had was that I would be looking at a 3rd grade assignment. That works since I’ve been looking at a lot of anchor charts and strategies for that age level on Pinterest.  I’m ready to take on that challenge since I know for a fact I haven’t improved my craft in 4 years.  A whole new grade level will FORCE me out of my comfort zone.  There’s a lot of good in that.

Yet, it’s also true that I signed and submitted a transfer form.  If there are no positions at my school 3-5, then I realize that I need to change schools.  People are freaked out, yet life is like that.  Sometimes what you’re at a place to accomplish is done.  Not every teacher becomes an institution.  People are concerned about the fact that I could be placed anywhere. Yet, kids are kids.  Most kids love their teachers.  Rich kids, middle class kids, and even poor kids.  I’m not worried about the school.  I can make it work.  I’m more concerned about grade level.  I’d feel pretty heart-broken if I got assigned to a traditional middle school.  That’s just not something I want to make work.

I realize that, moving forward, there are going to be a lot more questions.  I don’t have, or am unwilling to give, answers to them.  I can’t predict the future.  I don’t know where I’m going to end up until sometime after March.  I can only do the one right thing which is to step away from my current position in hopes that new blood and ideas will make it successful.  It hasn’t been yet with the program we were offering so it’s time to try something else.  Which means, of course, that it’s time to move on. Whatever moving on will be.

True, it’s the end of my teaching world as I know it,

But I feel fine.

You don’t die from this.


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