Switch Day

Today was our school’s first ever switch day.  What is that you ask (without a hint of irony, I dare say)? It is where each teacher draws the name of another teacher and switches classes and roles for the day.  It’s like being a sub, only with tons better lesson plans and better pay.

Because the Gods love me, I was granted access to a second grade classroom of an AWESOME teacher.  The Gods REALLY FREAKING LOVE ME because I had almost zero workload today.  Seriously. It was teach this (kinda, sorta while I get my clue the kids just run the room because they’re well trained and one kid has an aid who definitely is smarter than I am so, really I just watched) for a half hour, read aloud (which I like to do), then help while the Water District presenters do their thing with the kids for — get this — TWO HOURS.  Oh, then teach math.  Which I screwed up.  Yes, 2nd grade math.  Thankfully not only was I blessed with FABULOUS lesson plans, no need to teach much, ZERO yard duty, but also a very gracious teacher who accepted my stupidity and hasn’t even threatened to harm me for ruining her kids.  How great is that?

Being that this was a whole school thing, we had to debrief how it went.  So when asked the best part of the day, I could only confess that I was thrilled that the new autistic kid who has only been at our school a week and whose first good day was yesterday, managed to make it through the day without my setting him off and making him go non-linear.  In fact, I think I did a pretty good job of making it work so that he had a good day.

Small victories.  That’s really all we can ask for.


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