Watch for Spraying Vitriol

I hear caustic remarks cause severe acid burns.

Today I received an email regarding the Iranian persecution of a Christian pastor.  There is, of course, great outrage about Iran’s push to force him to recant his Christianity and urging him to return to Islam.  As an American, who truly believes in our Bill of Rights, I share their anger and criticism.


These are the very same people who send me hate mail regarding abortion, are outraged at people who say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas, and who continue to believe that we’ve gone to hell-in-a-hand-basket as a country because we removed the word “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance,  rather than acknowledging we’ve really replaced “God” with “money” and “prosperity”.

As much as I would like to share your righteous indignation, I can’t.  We’re not on the same side.  I want to live in a country controlled by a government free of religious interference.  These people want to live in a Christian nation.  I have no reason to believe that, if you had your way, we wouldn’t be writing an article where an Islamic person wasn’t jailed under false pretenses in order to force him or her to recant his/her faith and return to Christ.

Thank you, but I don’t like Kool-Aid.


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