I’m Not That Kind of Blogger

My first blog was set up for me by someone in our little group.  I was pretty surprised by it because I wasn’t real in the know about blogging.  Apparently he felt I was opinionated and needed an avenue.  Perhaps he thought I’d stop monopolizing conversations at brunch with my crazy.  He was wrong.  I did write a bit, but I was never focused on one topic.  Eventually I just stopped posting — in part because I forgot the password.

Fast forward:  Cassie, my buddy started writing about raising twice exceptional children at her blog, Just a Glimpse.  So like any good friend, I followed suit.  Same thing, though.  I’m not a focused blogger.  I write about anything (hence the eventual title).  I write about almost everything.  I lack what it takes to have a following of thousands.  I find that strangely comforting.

You see, I realize that, at my soul, I’m very much the person I was at 14.  I am loyal, opinionated, willing to swim upstream, and not terribly interested in anything that remotely smacks of “being a lady”.  I have come to accept that no one is going to turn to my blog to discover parenting tips, how to be more organized, the best recipes to use for an ADHD kid (’cause I’m still feeding mine Kraft Mac n Cheese), or how to ensure your child WILL BE THE BEST.  I don’t DIY, I’m not into home decorating, and I’m just political enough not to go into too much detail about my job.

I’m not sunshine and rainbows, a diet and exercise guru, or an expert on hosting fabulous dinner parties on a dime.  I admit my Christmas tree is still up, and it still makes me happy.  I don’t know the best day trips for toddlers, how to get cat urine out of the carpet (although I’d pay good money for that one!), or even how to make my house a home.

I am a middle-aged overweight white woman with an attitude.  I write for pleasure, to clear my head, and, yes, to kick the hornet’s nest.  I am not as complacent as I look; although I will accept your stupid-assed ideas because I don’t argue with the unarmed.  I don’t even really respect life that much, truth be told.  I am alternately crazy happy and curmudgeonly.  I rail against the light.  I don’t like the status quo unless it makes for a nice, calm existence, and I’m not even consistent.

In short, I’m not that kind of blogger.


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