Simplification Sqaured

I’ve spent the better part of this morning doing something I generally avoid.  I actually clicked on the “advertising” spam that, through online purchases, I must have signed up to receive.  Usually, I open email, click the messages I don’t want to read, and then I delete them.

Today though, I clicked the unsubscribe button on each and every one of those messages.  While I recognize that my old system wasn’t time consuming, there were times when I was bored or simply wasting time that I would click to see what was on sale.  Then a good week later, boxes would arrive.  While I don’t mind spending money on stuff I’ll use, and I do use what I’ve bought, there’s still that part of me that realizes, I didn’t need more.

As I see it, out of sight is out of mind.  I am working to render my email box as irrelevant as my snail mail box.  I know that the amount of mail will be small, and that it will most likely be related to Facebook and Pinterest, but that’s the risk you have to take in simplifying your life.

Maybe, just maybe, if I’m lucky, the absence of garbage will attract the interesting, the pithy, and the personal.  If not, I haven’t lost a thing.  I might even gain time and money.


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