I Don’t DIY

Since being invited to join Pinterest, I’ve found that a great many people I follow are totally into crafts and DIY projects.  They post the loveliest pictures of projects they will make to enhance their homes.  Me? I look at the stuff and think, “Cute.” Then I think, “No way.”


Seriously, I can’t paint my house with any kind of success.  The first time I painted, I ended up knocking over a paint can in my bedroom and having paint soak into the carpet, which was a huge clean-up mess.  The second time, I removed the tank on our stool to “thoroughly” paint the bathroom wall, only to incorrectly place the tank back onto the stool.  I rendered the bathroom useless for a very long time.  Essentially my husband had to take over, sigh, make comments, and fix it.  Not pretty. Plus, it’s still not really done.  While the walls, ceiling, and molding are complete, I’ve never returned a cabinet or shelf system for storing items, nor a mirror, or even a towel rack that my husband likes.  Honestly, I don’t want to have to go out looking for matching items, buy them, and then install them.  I am, very much, DONE.

Then there is the cost and clutter.  In order to do a DIY project, you have to buy the parts.  Then those parts need to be stored until such perfect alignment of the sun, moon, and Mercury rising which will bless the start of the project.  Which, given that I believe I’m ADD, will be interrupted by something, so then the project will be set aside to deal with some other issue (Facebook, Pinterest, Bejeweled…). The project will sit there, until I’m sufficiently nagged, incomplete until there is perfect alignment of the sun, moon, and Mercury rising for the restart. Until then, it needs a home.  Given that organization is not my strong suit, rather than storage, it will be added to the top of a pile in my garage or Harry Potter’s apartment.  That, my friends, is technically referred to as clutter.  Once abandoned, some new shiny project will catch my eye completing the circle of not life, not death, merely DIY purgatory.

Let’s face it, I’m an idea guy.  However, if I want a final project, I need to  find someone who is into implementation.


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