I really like flowers.  On some level I would love to have fresh flowers every week — something like a dozen roses or Gerbera daisies.  However, it’s really an occasional gift that I give to myself because I just can’t seem to keep this up —  the buying, recutting, arranging, and then disposing is more than I want to commit to.

Then last year I bought a very beautiful orchid plant for our 8th grade promotion.  It looked stunning in front of the podium. When the event was over, I brought the plant home.  Surprisingly enough, that orchid lasted MONTHS!  Which got me to thinking…

If a grocery store arrangements of roses is $10 and lasts, at best a week, and an orchid plant from Trader Joe’s lasts MONTHS and is $10, then it seems to me that the smarter thing to do is to buy myself orchids. After all, they’ll last months, look beautiful, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn to take care of them enough to have them reblossom (confession: I am known as a plant killer). Either way, win-win.

I ended up buying  myself two kinds of orchids.  The first is a Phalaenopsis.  It’s delicate looking.

The second is a cymbidium.  It’s much “plantier” (maybe it can bloom outside?), and has more stems and blossoms on it.

Both bring me joy with their beautiful, graceful lines and delicate colors.  I know that they will provide me with pleasure throughout the next two months.  Which, if you think about it, makes them a bargain.


One thought on “Orchids

  1. Jolene says:

    I agree with you, orchids are absolutely beautiful! Nice choice.

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