The “45th” Year

This year, in February, I will “turn” 45.  Not only have I known this, but my friend, Diane, pointed it out when we went to lunch last week.  Then she stated that she’ll be turning 65, because she’s 20 years older than I.  This was followed with, “Well, how are we going to celebrate?  What would you like to do?”

Damn!  Talk about being put on the spot.  So as she’s listing ideas, she throws out, “We could get a time share somewhere.”

Then the Grinch got an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, *awful* idea! OK, I joke.  But…  It started me to thinking.

While I was in Des Moines for my mom’s surgery and recuperation, I had tried to get around to various older churches that I wanted to photograph.  In fact, I had talked to  my uncle about it as I was working on pictures of the sculpture park.  He then said, “Well if you like old churches, you should go to Santa Fe.  They have tons of old churches there — you know since the Spanish were there starting in the 1600s.”

I turned to Diane and said, “You know that thing I have about churches.”  She just raised her eyebrows at me.  EVERYONE knows about my thing about churches.  “Yes.”  Well… I repeated the above story.

Surprisingly, she’s all for it. She’s never been to Santa Fe so sometime this year, in celebration of our half-decade birthdays, we’ll be heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I’m sure it will be hot like hell, and we’ll deal with our conflicting schedules (she’s a night owl and I’m a lark), but it will be lovely to explore someplace new.

I can’t wait to post the pictures.


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