Queen Mino

Mino is one of my students.  I admit, I find her incredibly amusing.  She just has this demeanor that’s simultaneously annoying and endearing.  For Christmas she bought me some Estee Lauder Pleasures cologne.  Now, while I like fragrance in theory, the actual application is no longer advisable.  I end up with headaches from it, even on my own skin and when it’s just lightly applied.

Rather than keep a bottle of stuff I’d never wear and  faking it.  I returned the gift to Macy’s. Then I went on a quest.  What could I purchase that would keep Mino in my heart and honor who she was as as a person.  Now, Mino likes to flatter me by telling me I look 20 (little liar, but it is cute) and that I have swag (which I think means, style.  I *AM* old, you know).  Therefore, I started my search in costume jewelry.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Betsey Johnson jewelry in crowns.  Mino does this “royal” wave all the damned time and goes on about being a queen or a princess.  Well, if that wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.  I searched all available offerings at Macy’s until I found the right pieces. The right piece is a combination of like for a decent price.  There are runner-ups.  The winners however, are a sterling pendant on a chain with a simple crown stamped into it, and then a pair of dangling crown earrings.

I hope when Mino sees them she understands how much her gift meant to me.


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