Happy Birthday, Jolene

Not too many people can boast that they’ve been friends with someone since kindergarten.  Sometime in the fall of 2012, Jolene and I will have known each other for 40 years.  Imagine that.

It’s a short history of luck and coincidence.  Jolene and I both went to Phillips Elementary on the east side of Des Moines, Iowa with Mrs. Mae Watkins as our teacher.  I stayed, but she moved.  In 4th grade, we both attended the newly formed and opened Traditional Elementary which was now located at the old Jefferson (?) Elementary on the south side of Des Moines (it’s now a church).  We quickly realized that we had gone to kindergarten together.  We remained best friends through 8th grade, at which point we both ended up at our “home” high schools.  I went to Des Moines East High, and she attended Lincoln High School. We’d catch up at football games or other school events, calling and catching up whenever time allowed.

We have remained friends through college, moving, marriages, turmoil, and life.  She is the person I call my oldest and dearest friend; although, she’s not old at all. Right now, I am dying to call her because, for the longest time, I always made sure that we talked on her birthday.  Of course, she’s at work so… 🙂

Here is to my oldest, dearest and most fabulous creative and wonderful friend.  Happy birthday and best wishes for many, many more.  Thank you for the memories, the support,the love and the lessons.

Where it all began! Jolene is the last person in the top row (brown hair/bangs/in red). I'm the 3rd person from the right in the second row (blond/white shirt/no bangs).



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