Plastic Bag Ban

Starting January 1st in San Jose and July 1st in Sunnyvale, grocery stores will no longer be bagging groceries using plastic bags.  Furthermore, only a 40% recycled materials paper option will be given at 10¢ a bag.  As such, the era of bringing your own bags to the store for groceries has started.  Viva the GREEN REVOLUTION!

Glory Hallelujah!   Except…

Swear to God true life story, save for the Trader Joe’s checkers, NO ONE actually knows how to bag groceries.  It’s peculiar watching checkers throw cans and such into structured bags without thought.  Because I’m a bagging-Nazi (it’s true, I think my picture is posted in Target AND Safeway), I will tell them to STOP by insisting that I AM NOT PAYING FOR MY GROCERIES TO END UP BRUISED, TORN OPEN, OR DENTED due to stupidity and apathy.  As such, I not only group my items on the conveyor so that like is bagged with like, I actually place the bag in front of it.  The checkers usually give me the, “What am I supposed to do with this?” look.  Then I insult them by taking over bagging duty.  If they could spit in my food, they would. 🙂

While I’m happy that the plastic ban is taking place, I do admit it’s going to take a while before people actually “get it.”


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