Intelligent Design My ***

Intelligent Design: The theory that life, or the universe, cannot have arisen by chance and was designed and created by some intelligent entity.

Yesterday I attempted to play Yu-Gi-Oh with Keb.  Let’s not even get into the mountains of rules, provisions, quid pro quo, and other such nonsense that comes with the game, which alone was enough to make me long for Yahtzee or Monopoly.  Instead it was the size of the print on the card.  You see, I’m at that stage in life where bifocals are needed.  Yep, that means that somehow in the SAME set of eyes is the need for at least two different prescriptions.

In order to read the cards, I had to take my glasses off.  Yet, in order to see what Keb was doing, I needed them to be on.  Needless to say, all that along with an alarming amount of rules I couldn’t manage to memorize meant that not only didn’t I learn to play, the whole process was a waste of time.

If my eyesight is the result of intelligent design, then we need a more gifted designer.  This, my friends, sucks, and, truth be told, is only going to get worse.  How is that intelligent?


2 thoughts on “Intelligent Design My ***

  1. themayan says:

    Lets look at your question objectively. There is life and death. Is staying young and never aging a very intelligent way to design living things? Lets say you never got old and died. Do you know how over populated the world would be if no one died? There would be no room for new people which bring new ideas and advances etc. If you had perfect human vision and could run 100 miles per hour, couldn’t one still make an argument that you were not intelligently designed because you couldn’t see as vividly or with the same accurateness as an eagle which can see much farther, or make the same complaint because we couldn’t run 200,300 or 400 miles an hour? Life is and can be beautiful to even those with disabilities. Be thankful for what you have, and if you ever doubt the exquisiteness of the human body, then go watch an Olympic event one of these days.

    Say no to bah humbug.

  2. Suzanne says:

    So wait, what you’re saying then is that the whole being cast out of the Garden of Eden was just convenient? God didn’t want to hip them to everything that was going to follow so it was just easier to say, “Well, you ate the fruit so now you will be punished by having a hard life and dying. Sucks to be you.”

    BTW, it’s all meant tongue in cheek. I’m vastly aware of the ephemeral nature of life and that beauty is beyond one set point. I’m also an atheist which means that I don’t ascribe to this at all. It was just a fun way for me to bitch about growing older and having to adjust to multiple eye sights. I’m well aware it falls under “first world problems.”

    Thank you, though, for trying to make me a better person. I appreciate it.

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