End Daylight Saving Time? Really?

Morning sun, it does a body good.


I suspect that everyone is under the assumption that we are “starting” daylight savings time, rather than turning it “off.” They’re wrong.  Here’s the thing, daylight savings time was turned on in April.  Given that it’s not even growing light until 7ish in the morning is a pain,  and it can be problematic as people begin moving around for their jobs. People with any sort of seasonal sunlight disorder (SAD) can find the whole going to work in the dark thing difficult, not to mention those who feel if it’s dark, you should just stay in bed.

Personally, I’d rather it was never turned on, and we just dealt with noon being redefined as 12:00 rather than when the sun is directly overhead.

Another  reason I’d love for it to be turned off permanently is that I LIKE getting up at the butt-crack of dawn. It used to be I had the entire glorious month of March to wake up to the sun at 5ish. Since most people have NO REASON to be up at this time, they can’t wait for the time shift. That “shift” would be daylight savings in case you hadn’t been hipped to that.  Not only do people NOT want to be awake at 5:30 in the morning with full sunlight, I have yet to meet too many people who don’t prefer being about to be out doing things after work in the summer until almost 9 or 10. That would not happen if the time wasn’t moved forward.

I say we turn it off this one year and see how many people can live with a 5-8 sunlight summer schedule. Then, after all the bitching and moaning about how we don’t “need” the sun that early, we can go back to status quo.


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