The Hotest Hot Versus the Coldest Cold

I don't like any extremes — but I have definite issues about hot versus cold.

Octopus cat is missing a few legs

Whenever there's a Facebook or other email survey wherein I wax poetic about my favorite subject (me), there's usually the question about which season is my favorite. Suffice to say neither summer or winter EVER makes the cut. I'm like the weather version of Goldilocks. I don't like weather unless it's "just right". This, of course, makes the Bay Area the most perfect place on the planet.

Now, I recognize that, were it not for my relationship with Taed, I'd still be living in the Midwest, where extremely cold and extremely hot both take up residence for a larger part of the year than should be allowed. Hell, poor Texas was "blessed" (or punished, where are the Bible-thumpers when you want to prove your own (misguided) theories?) with record heat. When you look at their heat streak, 27 days of 100+ temperatures seems tons better than 98 days — yet Texas had both.

With that in mind, NO THANK YOU!

I can honestly say, having grown up in Iowa, that I'd rather endure extreme cold than extreme hot. Why? Because, let's be honest, you really cannot take off enough clothes to get cool. You're forced to either suck up the heat or remain indoors. Now, I'm not a nature kind of girl, but I like the "option" of going outside. Being trapped, like a vampire, to dusk and dawn (whose 70* temperatures are comfortable to me) is awful. Plus, I'm kinda "fluffy". My added insulation makes heat just that much worse. Have you ever sweated under your kneecaps? No? Well, it sucks. Plus, I don't have the legs for shorts so I'm covered shoulder to shoe. There's no cooling down when you cover your fluffiness 24/7.

However, with extreme cold comes snow. I automatically don't want to play in it, so being inside is GOOD. There's something lovely about snuggling under a blanket watching TV with the kid or a cat. I have this thing for sweaters (preferred choice of clothing). In short, I can drink something hot, take a warm bath, snuggle up, and avoid the snow and rain.

As such, I think I'm more suited for a life in cold than in warm. My fluffiness makes cold so much more bearable.

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