How Have I Been Loved

Let Me Count the Ways

  • The daily hugs
  • Scouring e-bay or other on-line places to find new, interesting music by my favorite band
  • Sleeping in when I need it
  • Pushing me to be better
  • Graciously ignoring my faux-pas
  • Fixing my favorite foods
  • Making time to be with me during a packed schedule
  • Enduring my irrational behavior when shopping for clothes or shoes
  • Listening to me tell the same thing the millionth time
  • Daily pokes
  • A picture on my Facebook wall of another time
  • Taking the lead
  • Encouraging alone time and exercise
  • Ice cream when I didn’t know I wanted it
  • Calling just to chat
  • Two carts at Target and the reminder to use my Red Card
  • Sending feminine products when it was needed
  • Showing me something new
  • Letting me copy you and not mentioning it
  • Loving me even when I’m annoying or unlovable

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