The Smartest Person I Know

Someone once told me I should read a book based on the Robert Frost poem, "The Road Not Taken." I didn't read the book. I am living the life. And, it has made all the difference.

The smartest person I know is Taed, my husband. He's not just smart, he's scary smart. He's brilliant, and I'm pretty sure if we "cognitive tested" him, he'd be classified genius. In fact, I'm pretty sure he already was classified "way too smart for his own good."

In looking back and trying to figure out what I've learned from him, I guess the question more is, what haven't I learned? The past 17 years have been pretty good ones. Now, I'm not suggesting we haven't had some issues or times when I've gone off the rails, but by and large, I've learned that a good life doesn't have to be filled with drama.

I've learned I can be a mother. I never imagined that or even wanted it for years. That I am one, and happily so, is pretty amazing. I'm surprised he saw that in me, or if he didn't, was willing to take the chance.

I'm a teacher. I wouldn't be that without Taed. Sure, I had people at Jazzercise talking to me about it, but Taed was the one to push me and make me follow through. He supported each step. He might regret it now, but it made a huge difference in who I was.

I'm more fiscally responsible than ever in my life. I know that's the direct result of being with Taed. He never nagged, per se. He'd just point out the obvious and tell me I was being stupid. Genius that he is, he was always right. I didn't want to hear it, but I did.

Every once in a while, I think you get lucky. I think the universe grants you access to the one person who will make all the difference in the world. Of course, it's up to "you" to see the opportunity and grab it.

Which, in this case, makes me the smartest person I know. Because I was smart enough, just once, to take a leap of faith to be with someone amazing, scary smart, loving, and challenging.

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One thought on “The Smartest Person I Know

  1. Jolene says:

    You ARE the smartest female I know!!!! I’m glad you were smart enough to realize you found your “one”. It took me much longer but I finally found him…now I’m just waiting for the less drama part. {{{wink, wink with a huge smile}}}

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