The Chinchillas

I tend to say yes to things and situations for which I have absolutely *no* frame of reference.  I also am easily tempted by critters.  Hence my summer sitting service for chinchillas.

What I’ve learned is that they need a LOT of space, which I can’t give them. They DO NOT like to be touched, which sucks because I like to pet animals. Plus, when you pet them you totally get why they are turned into coats.  They are amazingly soft. However, their urine stinks to high heaven, and they POOP so damned much it’s pretty horrifying.  Their poop, for whatever reason, ends up all over the place.  Oh, and the fur.  They lose it when they’re scared or whatever.  It’s clinging to my wall.

In short, I took in non-paying boarders who dislike me and only give me eye contact when they want to be fed — like fluffy, cute teenagers.  Right now they are checking me out.  Not that they like me, but they’re pretty sure they might get lucky and get some bon-bons (dandelion drops or dried fruit, which is BAD for them).  Either that or a dust bath.  They LOVE dust baths.  That’s actually something I enjoy doing ’cause they’re so darned adorable when they do it.

The older of the two, Angel, hates me.  I’m sure in part because her teeth are mal-aligned, so I had to give her meds often the first part of the summer.  She won’t even let me touch her without making some weird “Don’t effing touch me!” noise.  I guess I’m lucky that she doesn’t pee on me.  Apparently that’s one of their defense mechanisms.  Needless to say, it doesn’t matter how many chew things I place in their cage, her teeth are no better.  She still drools, but she’s heavier and healthier so we go on.  I can only hope that this situation doesn’t get worse.

She's never really sure about being outside the cage. She returns for "comfort."

The younger of the two, Angel’s daughter, was the one I was told acted standoffish.  Her name is Little Girl.  She tolerates me on good days.  She’ll let me touch her and sometimes even hold her.  That’s because she is always hoping I’m going to let them out.  And I do when I clean the cage.  I let them hop all over our front yard.  I used to let them hop in the bathroom or the laundry room, but the poop situation is annoying. She’s cute, clever, and quaint.  I’m kind of surprised she’s still alive given what she’ll put into her mouth.

Little Girl versus our electrical wiring. I had to put MORE duct tape over that. She's even gnawed on our PG&E Smart Meter.

Now that school has started, you’d think they’d be firmly back in the science room.  However, they aren’t.  Their former care-giver is now at our site at the discretion of the district.  In her new capacity, she can’t get to the science room as often as needed to make sure the ‘chillas get daily care, attention, and such.  So I asked if we could pass them onto CDC at Keb’s school.  Reluctantly, she agreed.

Next week, Angel and Little Girl will be heading off to their new home where they will encounter children and people daily.  Maybe they can make friends with the rabbit (Dum-Dum), and learn to play in a whole new environment.

Bon Voyage little ones.  We will miss you, but we know that CDC can provide a better home and more loving environment than we can.

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One thought on “The Chinchillas

  1. Morocco says:

    Omg, it looks like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse! I would have been totally afraid! It must take a million of them to make one item–they are so small!

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