With a whimper, hmmm.

I can’t say I was surprised.  I certainly wasn’t shocked.  When the death knoll rang, I was ready for it.  I had spent the better part of two decades as a fan, but lately I wasn’t digging the material.  We were all just going through the motions — them in making it, and me in buying it. Hell, I wasn’t even buying it, truth be told.  Taed made sure I had the “latest”.   I doubt had he not bought the last few CDs for me, I would have cherry-picked from iTunes.  If I’d picked at all…

I could say it was me, not them.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to.  By leaving the party when it was time, they saved me the horror of staying in a “loveless marriage”.  I loved who they had been, but didn’t like who they were right now.  I’d lost hope that the REM I once knew and loved was even possible.  By confirming the truth, they ripped the band-aid off, allowing me to move on — find other bands.

I won’t; I know.  It’s too hard to fall lock, stock, and two smoking barrels for a band these days.  It’s primarily the pursuit of a young woman, with time to spare, and day dreams galore.  While there might be someone else out there for me, I doubt I’ll look.  Maybe one day…  But I know I’ll never love a band the way I loved REM.


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