Ghost of Amelia

It’s so easy to think you’ll forget about them once they’re gone.  But nothing is easy.

  • I cried when Taed put a rug down in front of the stove.  We haven’t been able to use rugs in years.
  • I realized I can move my dresses back to my closet because they won’t end up with cat hair all over them.
  • The garbage can has remained upright every night.
  • I no longer worry about her getting sick on the chicken packages.
  • Typing is easier without her chewing on my fingers, trying to lay on the keyboard, or taking up residence on my lap.
  • I still look for her to be lying in the sun on “her chair”.
  • I have no reason to whistle for her

I miss her so much.  Then today, when I was uploading pictures from my camera, I found her box.  Bless Taed and Keb for giving her a beautiful send-off.  It’s a testament to our love for her, and the love that she brought for us.



One thought on “Ghost of Amelia

  1. Jolene says:

    The box is full of love, outside and in.

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