My Worst Injury

It's true. Stupid is, as stupid does.

Caution sign

Imagine a young man, full of himself and his skills, taking his girlfriend out for a ride on his new motorcycle. Imagine the girlfriend, already knowing the relationship is strained and who has realized bravado has replaced real skill and knowledge, giving in despite her best interests. There, you will find the perfect storm of an amazing accident.

Approaching a turn, marked as 90 degrees, with a speed limit of 15 miles per hour, the girlfriend suppressed her urge to yank on his jacket. She'd already been reprimanded for "freaking out" and was aware this behavior, in his eyes, would cause them to crash.

She took in the 45 mile per hour speed, as well as the truck which had… well, stopped. How curious that it just stopped on the street, not even at the stop sign. I wonder what they're doing was her last thought prior to going air born.

She landed in a field with a thud that knocked her breath from her body. Suddenly the motorcycle and its rider landed on her left leg, hard, and slid down the embankment. It took her more than a moment or two to realize they had crashed, as she'd feared.

As she tried to take it all in, a man and his children approached. She heard the words, "Are you OK?" but didn't really take them in. He was kind though and yelled at the boyfriend. "Did you realize you could have killed her?" "What were you thinking going so damned fast?" "Didn't you see the sign?"

She realized — the truck. The truck had stopped because the driver realized her boyfriend was going too fast. He was there for when the crash happened. He was there to make sure someone would be there.

She got up, winced. The man confirmed that the bike landed on her. "You're lucky it's your leg," he told her. "You're actually lucky to be alive given how he took that turn. What were you thinking?"


The boyfriend insisted on driving back to town. Strangely, he wasn't hurt in the accident. The man in the truck looked at his bike and told him it was up to him, but he was giving the girl a ride home. This time, she listened to her instinct. She let a stranger take care of her.

For a month afterwards, she was bruised mid-thigh to mid-calf. Being without a car meant the normally 45-minute walk home from the closest bus stop was longer than an hour. However, with constant use, the pain went away, her gait returned, and the walk was, once again, 45 minutes.

The worst part, though, the really injurious part, was that the boyfriend never apologized or took any blame.

And to think, he had to dump her.

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