Changing Flights

Background: A high school friend and her daughter have been out here while receiving services at Lucille Packard Children’s Facilities as well as Stanford Medical Facilities.  Crossed fingers, everything is well.  Crossed everything and calls for intervention by the deities that there will be no other need for medical intervention for this problem.  As such, she had to fly from IA to CA for these services.

Ah, air travel.

I know that I have my issues with it.  In fact I was reminded of them when I found old pictures of me and Keb at my mom’s house in July 2001.  True life story — my husband sat with us until we got on the plane.  On our way out, my mom sat with me, keeping me company the long while of waiting. She was even able to help me through security due to Keb’s car seat and such.  Needless to say, that changed 9/11 (or the unfortunate 9-1-1).

Since then, the already unfriendly skies have become downright hostile and turned into robber barons.  Which brings me to my friend.

Not only is she working with this medical issue within her family, another one cropped up.  In the past 3-4 years, there has been one medical issue after another.  She is emotionally worn out.  Due to the additional issue, she was hoping to change her flights.  She could… for $1000 for the two of them.

Do you *know* what you can buy for $1000?  Needless to say, she opted to stay with her original plan.  How sad that our service industries don’t take into account life’s hiccups and tragedies.  How awful that the only exception to a rule comes with a huge price-tag.

When we look at the state of our country, we need to ask ourselves if our religion of capitalism isn’t killing us.  Praying to the almighty dollar seems to have served some, but not others.  Think about this the next time you’re in need.  How much do you want to pay to see or take care of the ones you love?


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