Hoping for Good News


Every other year or so, given the age of my car, I go through the California dance of "getting the car smog certified." Nothing, absolutely nothing, causes me more anxiety, hand-wringing, and paranoia than this requirement. Why? Because it NEVER passes the first time.

This year, in preparation for this inevitability, I had repairs done prior to the smog-only certification process (because my car is classified as a "gross" polluter). Yep. It didn't pass.

Mind you, it only failed in one area *and* I am terribly hopeful that this can be fixed; however, there's spending even more money on it. I know that I need to start looking for a new car, but I don't want to do it now. I want to do it in 2 years, when I'm ready for it.

So, in conclusion, the *best* news would be that my car passed smog, I can register it, and I won't have to do this again for two years.

A girl can hope, right?

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