On Money and Happiness

Hey, I ain't got no money

But honey, I'm rich on personality

Purple Rain

Duh! Yes. Sort of. Maybe not.

I know, I know. There are all those knobs who win the lottery, throw good money after bad, end up in bankruptcy, and are more pitiful than before they started. However, I think that's because they were already miserable f*cks. They were looking at the money to FIX them. Money can't fix miserable, stupid, or inept.

Money can, however, enhance your life. Hence the idea of buying happiness. It can get you the house of your dreams, free you from worry, allow you to retire, and buy you every toy known to humankind. However, if you're not already content with who you are, have your place in the community, and have a purpose in life, then no amount of money is going to do ANYTHING for you.

Then you're just rich in stuff and still poor in personality.

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