On Cheating

Prompt: When (if ever) is it okay to cheat?

Ender’s Game

Rueful smile.

I'm going to assume most people, upon reading this, consider the idea of relational infidelity. However, I'm in education so I assume one is speaking to the slight of hand, if you will, of passing off someone else's work as your own endeavor. Still, yet, there is the idea of cheating death, getting something over on the rules.

To that, I reply with a most resounding YES. If the rules are changed to favor one party, and the game is rigged to allow only the elite to win, then it is a moral imperative to become a Captain Kirk or an Ender Wiggin.

Sometimes you have to play the game the way you see it and get the outcome you feel is right. I'm not suggesting often or gleefully or even thumbing one's nose at authority.

However, if there's no way to win but by cheating. Then maybe, just maybe, you need to explore that option.

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