Air Travel

I think I’m really tired of ala carte pricing and customer service.  I know it has frustrated me with the iPad, because each new piece I think I need is an additional $30, at least.  I feel Apple is merely carrying on a “proud” tradition started by our airline.  And, you know, I’d almost be willing to suck it up if they had one little bit of inkling or acknowledgement of the complete irony of HOW they treat customers versus their “motto” about being customer oriented.

Let’s just address the elephant in the airplane.  You are not, cannot, will not be customer oriented if your company:

  • charges to check luggage
  • allows HUGE ASS carry-on luggage, then tags at the plane door.  WTF?  I played by the rules and paid $25 per bag, but they get off free?
  • forces the customer to get out of line to scan their own paperwork even though they finally made it to the front
  • offer less than 3″ of leg room
  • blame the customer’s cheapness for the 3″ of leg room
  • claim to have “maintenance” issues with the plane when really you’re cancelling flights and changing flights on people so the flight is “full”
  • eschew money and will only accept credit cards for drinks.  Trust me, you want me happy
  • Keep stating how much of a choice I have about flying.  No I don’t.  All airlines are in collusion.  I merely have a choice of who is going to harm me the least for this particular flight
I’m quite stunned that anyone would not understand why the economy has yet to turn around.  Until we make people the priority in service and product based companies, I think we’ll find that people will just hold on to what little money they have.  After all, why should I pay to do all the work?

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