Minor Quip

1994 called, they’d like your phone back.  Seriously, your phone (or other computer device)

  • dropped a call
  • had really bad reception
  • lost your IM
  • failed to deliver the text
  • placed work email in the spam folder
  • sounds like you’re going through a tunnel
  • doesn’t work when it’s dropped in the toilet (’cause no one has a backup)

If that’s the case, why did you get rid of your land line?  Sounds like you’re not up to the responsibility of a mobile device.  Just saying…


While I’m at it, if you can’t afford x, y, and z, how do you afford your family’s monthly cell phone bill?  I guess we need to actually THANK our credit cards for allowing us another way to shirk our responsibilities. 🙂

Yes, I’m in a mood.


One thought on “Minor Quip

  1. Taed says:

    1994? In 1994, IM was barely in use; it really didn’t catch on until 2000 or so. In 1994, cell phones did not do texting — that didn’t roll out to the public until 1995 or so and didn’t catch on until maybe 2000. Email spam also wasn’t a big problem in 1994 (which was the year of the first email spam), as email really was just getting underway to the public, so automated email spam filters were basically unknown at that time.

    So, I think a better year for your events would be about 2000 rather than 1994.

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