Just Talking

I’ll admit to be more than slightly ADD as well as being a huge talker.  I can seriously start with discussing curriculum, swing to politics, round about with pop culture, and finish my story about curriculum all within 3 hours without stop and all, seemingly, connected.  Yet, I’m not a bullshi**er. I don’t make up facts to support my crazy assertions or merely to make others believe my point of view.

Because I’m not, at my core, a liar; I tend not to view others as liars either.  Not until I’m forced to.

However, now having met 3-5 people who ALWAYS have an answer, and who ALWAYS know the right way to do things, and who ALWAYS did it such-and-such way when they did it, I’ve come to realize that these people aren’t actually liars.  They’re bullshi**ers, talkers, or just passing time.  It’s like denial.  Is it a lie if they never really contemplated telling the truth?

It’s a weird thing to learn so late in life, but I’ve come to realize that when you attempt to make these particular people admit they said x, y, and z, they will deny it.  They deny it, of course, because they weren’t conveying information the way I expect them to.  They were merely talking to fill space, make themselves seem important, or to hear their own voices.  They’re not, as one US senator shared with us, saying anything that’s “meant to be factual.”  Apparently we’re not supposed to construe such falsehoods as actual discussion.  I guess it’s like Clinton not having sexual relations with that woman.  We all thought what he was doing was sexual, but for him, eh.  Not so much.

It’s quite sad for me, at 44, to have to accept this reality.  I really don’t want to live in a world where people don’t even bother to be truthful or factual.  This, of course, makes me naive.


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