If I Had My Own TV Show

Snooki from MTV Jersey Shore

My extended family, like many, has more than it's fair share of pain, hurt, and tragedy. Some of it could not be avoided, but some of it truly has been the result of trying to work the system or, dare I suggest publicly, born from a sense of entitlement.

As such, I feel my extended family would make a great morality play. Of course churches don't really stage morality plays anymore. The congregation would walk out INSULTED that someone dared to suggest that their third marriage/divorce might not be a good thing (to cries of, "WHO are YOU to judge ME?"). Therefore, we have to switch to TV where our morality plays are the reality shows. Whether they are moral or not, we certainly do use our judgment to decide if these "celebrities" are good, bad or indifferent.

I don't quite have a title, but it would be something along the lines of what the MythBusters say, "We are professionals with over 100 years of being effed up. Do NOT try this at home. EVER!"

If we can use our experience to save anyone from our heartbreaks, it would be good. Then again, I suspect that, upon watching, people would think the producers were "egging" on the fights, using fancy editing, or that the scenarios were actually scripted. We're that good.

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