If I Could Have Dinner Anywhere…

Bread pudding

I had an entire diatribe devoted to places in Illinois I loved to eat at when I was in graduate school, and then good places to eat from when I was living in Madison, WI. Then I realized, who the hell was I kidding? If I could be ANYWHERE tonight for dinner, I would want to be at my mom's house.

Every year, for our birthdays, my mom would make our favorite meal. Now, generally for Michael (my brother) that meant lasagna. For Christine (my sister) that meant BBQ ribs, baked potatoes with sour cream, and chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream. My niece, Tiphany, loves my mom's chicken enchiladas with sopa. Me? I never really had a favorite. I had moods.

Sometimes the mood would be beef stew (completely hysterical 'cause I don't really eat mammals). Other times, cavatelli (same thing — it has Italian sausage). Then there was the pancake dinner followed by tuna casserole. I don't have a favorite food, to be sure, I just like to be spoiled by my mom.

I know if I showed up tonight, she would make me whatever my heart might desire. It could be homemade bread, ice cream, baked fish, or fried chicken. You see, in my family food is love.

If I were going to eat anywhere tonight, I'd eat love. I'd eat at my mom's. And whatever was cooked, it would be the best.

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