How I Got My Name

I suspect my mom chose my name. I didn't call to ask, however. As I recall (and remember, memory is a tricky thing because you insert stuff to make it more interesting — to you), she picked Rhonda Suzanne when she was pregnant with my brother. I believe it was because of Rhonda Fleming, teh actress. Although, I don't know where Suzanne came from. However, since my brother was born male, he was given the "good Irish" name of Michael Patrick Wynn.

Now here's where it gets all weird. According to my memory (and my added mythology), my parents were pretty tired of naming children by the time I showed up. It was decided that, if I were a boy, I'd be Patrick Michael. I was a girl so I got Rhonda Suzanne.

Strangely, I think the story was, had Mike been a girl, he would have been Rhonda Suzanne, and I would have been Suzanne Rhonda. (cocked eyebrow). Interesting because, of course, I go by Suzanne. Really interesting because who does that to their children? Then again, my grandfather was Ivan and his sister Ivy (no middle names given). Perhaps there's just familial laziness involved. 🙂

I guess, after all this, I picked my name.

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3 thoughts on “How I Got My Name

  1. Morocco says:

    Interesting post. I have always been fascinated by names and the effort we put into choosing them. My sister is pregnant with a girl. I suggested Ivy, she declined.

    I’m curious, do you like your name?

    BTW, love the new face of your blog!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you about the change to the blog. It was time. You, actually, inspired me.

    As for my name, not really. I never loved Rhonda, in part because of the song “Help Me, Rhonda” but also because, DUH! started to be used as an insult. Therefore, people who wanted to be nasty pronounced it Rhon-DUH!

    However, I appreciated that my mom put thought into it, so I went by Rhonda until I was 18, when I switched to Suzanne, which is my middle name. Some people would have preferred I go by RS or some other choice. I’m not sure why Suzanne, other than it was easier. BTW, I KNEW at 12 I didn’t want to go by Rhonda. Although, I’ve had several friends and acquaintances named Rhonda, and I’ve never once thought it an ugly name.
    I just didn’t like it for me.

  3. Jolene says:

    I like your new layout out! Very nice!

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