My Recurring Dream

Do You Still Dream?

I do. I've had good and bad recurring dreams. However, I'll describe my best. I miss this dream so much that it pains me. Sometimes I think about it when I go to sleep, hoping it will come to visit me.

For the longest time I would dream that I was in a house — never mine — sometimes a friend's or my grandparents', but always a house. However, the house was only part what I remembered for I was always destined to find in this house more rooms and more things that I never knew existed.

I remember in one dream entering the back of my grandma's house, only to find that there was a secret door leading up stairs to a very large warehouse like attic. It was filled with everything! There were Greek statues, beautiful clothes, places to hide, interesting people, and so very much to discover. I never wanted to leave because I hadn't found everything yet.

In another, I was in some trailer house. Yet, when I walked in, there were double rooms to each side of the hallway. Each filled with adventures and people and things. There were so many things to do and explore, again, that leaving (waking up) was sad. I didn't want to leave such a place.

The saddest thing about this dream and writing this is that the minute I shared it with another, it disappeared. It's been 2-3 years since I've had it. I miss it so much because there was something joyful about finding new worlds in what had seemed so normal and pedestrian.

It gave me hope. It was inspiring. It was filled with wonder. It was a portal to people I don't get to see anymore.

I miss those dreams desperately.

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