Ugly Is As Ugly Does

It’s a holiday, and there’s nothing more delightful than wasting time watching horrible people do horrible things.  Hence the start of a “You’re Cut Off” marathon.  Like last season, I am STUNNED, truly, at how awful these “girls” are.  Because they’re catty, they bring out the absolutely catty in me.  Seriously.

I think things about them that I openly DISCOURAGE my 6th graders from thinking.  My thoughts are just that rude.

However, when I watch their behavior, I tend to feel my judgments are justified.  Based on what appears to be high school behavior, my brain goes right there for the insults.  I’m not proud of what I’m thinking, but I have to share it.  Please note, however, that these insults extend to only 90% of the “girls.  Seriously, I wonder why a couple didn’t just go get jobs or something, they seem that reasonable and nice.

  1. For all the “money” these “girls” have, how is it they don’t have any class?
  2. If I had your money, I’d buy a better face.
  3. I seriously think the reason most have such ugly behavior is the insecurity about how ugly their faces and bodies are.  Man, the personality matches the outside.
  4. Leggings are really only for supermodels.  Everyone else should wear some pants or something.
  5. How can you wear something that “costs” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH and you make it look like it came from K-Mart?  Seriously?  Looking good is more than expensive clothes.  Y’all give couture a bad name.
  6. You don’t sound classy when you discuss bossing people around or spending your parents’ money.
  7. You come from money but you have the worst drinking, eating, and smoking habits.  Ugh.  Really?
  8. You went to college how?  Along with some serious ugly, many of y’all are dumber than a box of hammers.
  9. Tone down the make-up; it’s not helping.
  10. Oompa loompa… Orange you glad…
  11. Magic-weaves and tan in a can.
  12. You could only keep a certain amount of clothing so you grabbed the ugliest stuff you packed?  Why?
  13. You’re wearing high heels with torn leggings and a too-short shirt?  Cover your body, please.
  14. You weigh 85 pounds and you’re flabby?  Shit, I’ll take being twice your size then.
  15. Why do you constantly pick fights with each other?  Again, you’ll claim to be classy.  Please ask Laura for some etiquette lessons so you could possibly get there.
  16. Uhm, any chance you could cover up your nasty bits?  I don’t want to see your ‘gina, hoo-ha, or va-jay-jay.  Why you showing that off?
  17. You show your lack of respect by calling all women “bitches.”  That’s just horrific.
  18. I hope this show scares off any and all available millionaires and their parents.
  19. I hope your parents watch the show and keep you cut off.
  20. If you have a make-up artist and a stylist, why do you look so trashy?
  21. You’re so spoiled and awful I want to smack you.
  22. My 6th graders are smarter, more capable, and better human beings.  How did you get out of school acting like this?
  23. Someone needs to open a can of whoop-ass on y’all.
  24. Princess is the most popular DOG name.  That’s what I think of when you whine about being one.
  25. There’s no reasoning with ignorant.
  26. You’re called “girls”, but honestly most of you look north of 30.  Rode hard and put away wet.  So not a good thing.

I’m not proud of these sentiments, and I’ll continue to watch. However, as I do, I’ll forever be grateful to have been born working class.  I have a fair amount of snotty, but at least I’m not afraid of hard work.  Damn.


One thought on “Ugly Is As Ugly Does

  1. Morocco says:

    I feel you even though I’ve never seen the show–I know the type. It reminds me of one notorious bride from the show Bridezilla. Karen. If you haven’t seen her episodes just google “Bridezilla Karen.” I absolutely can not believe a person like that exists. I wanted to jump through the tv and kcik her in the temple, lmbo, and I’m not even a “fighter!” She was just that loathsome. Class is something that can’t be bought–obviously so.

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