‘Cause the World Needs More Judgement

Because I get every crap glossy gossip magazine printed in English and available for cheap, I know more about celebrities and quasy-celebrities than I should.  This is even with my skipping most of the articles because, well, I don’t care.  Kate plus 8 minus irate — don’t read it.  Bachelor Part Deux and a Jerk — headline only.  Pregnant at 16 — saw the real, reality show.  Didn’t like it either.  Don’t care.

Halle Barry, however, somehow hit my “I care” button enough to read. Allegedly, she is “fighting mad” and had to “quit a movie production” so she could fight against her ex getting ANY custody of HER daughter besides SUPERVISED VISITATION.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to believe what’s in the magazines.  Even though I subscribe, there is a HUGE part of me that wants to believe a celebrity’s best friend, sister, mom, second cousin, etc. IS NOT talking to the press about personal things.  Stuff caught on camera and posted on YouTube is another issue.

What has me perplexed is the assertion that she is protecting HER daughter.  (sound of tires screeching and a little what, what?) Really?  Uhm, honey, EVERY magazine in the past 4 years has pictures of you with this man, pregnant with this man’s baby, and then going around with this man and the baby you had with him.  Magazines reported of your raving about his skill as a father.  Seriously, you were waxing poetic.

However, now that the two have split up, so have the ravings about the parenting skill of the other partner.  All of a sudden there are “concerns”.  Uh huh.  Really?

Look, I have nothing against single parenthood.  I do, however, have issues with anyone who assumes that the “sperm” donor is not going to want any part of being a parent.  While that definitely did seem to be more the case in the 70s and 80s, the 90s really did usher in a new age of fatherhood.  As such, sometimes (like in my case) fathers make the best mothers.

I get the feeling, like a lot of crazy (YES, I went there) women who are going to have a baby BECAUSE IT’S MY RIGHT and I DESERVE A BABY, Halle was under the impression that this child was HERS and HERS alone.  Baby girl, that is so not the case.

I am hoping, beyond hope, that the judge in this case kicks Halle’s concerns to the curb.  It would be fabulous for someone to say, “Look, you let him put his dangler in your hoo-ha.  Now you gotta make it work for LIFE. Get the f*ck out of my courtroom and go grow up.”  In other words, we’re not giving you the farm because you incubated the calf.

Fact is, when you couple with someone, you couple for life even when that is not your intention.  That child has two (or more) parents.  You DO NOT get to control that.  In fact, there should be no “senior partner” in raising children.  I’m a feminist and I believe in equality for all.  That, my dears, includes FATHERS and MEN.

If she had concerns about him as a person, she should NEVER have had a baby with him.  Yes, I know.  SHE WANTED ONE SO BADLY blah, blah, blah.  (eye roll and sigh)  Words CANNOT express the level of disgust I feel when I hear such absurd bovine fecal matter.  Wanting to be a mother doesn’t make you God.  Get over it.

It’s the 21st century.  We need to stop assuming mothers are better than fathers.  We need to stop assuming men stupid enough to be sperm donors won’t want to be parents.  We need to stop assuming that all children belong with their mothers.  It’s time to fully examine what’s good for (WAIT FOR IT) THE CHILD and act accordingly.

I feel sorry for her kid.  Imagine growing up, going to the library or the Internet, and getting to read the mud your parents slung at each other.  All under the guise of “protecting you.”

What an easily preventable mess.


One thought on “‘Cause the World Needs More Judgement

  1. Morocco says:

    I agree with you completely on this. Lol, loved the fantasy judge and his ruling!

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