Disappointing/Worth Exploring

Panera Bread was so incredibly disappointing today.  Honestly, I’d like my money back so I could buy groceries and fix lunch.  Ugh.  For almost $16, I can honestly say it was not impressive.  Sure, Keb loved his mac and cheese.  How can a mac and cheese kid NOT love it?  However, the best part of my meal was… wait for it… the apple. Yes, the part they didn’t make.  Actually, I’m guessing they didn’t make the anemic chicken noodle soup either. One can only guess what crime had been committed by my bread to make it simultaneously soggy and tough.

Actually, I say today, but I’ve never been that impressed with anything besides the bagels from them. I should have known better.


There is a new cake place in our neighborhood called, this is cute, Nothing Bundt Cakes. They are very cute.  We bought the bundtlets on Friday (since they had the best marketing strategy ever in giving a coupon for a free bundtlet to every kid at Keb’s school ).  Keb had a chocolate chocolate chip; I had lemon; and Taed had white chocolate raspberry (I think).  Best part, besides cute, is the frosting.  Although there is not nearly enough of it.  The hole, however, is filled.  YES! YES! YES! I wonder if I could get people to cut around that part leaving it for me while they eat the cake?  🙂

Will I go there as a craving? No.  Will I stop by when I’m in the area for something else? Yes.  Would I buy it as a gift for a colleague whose birthday is coming up this Friday. 🙂  Yes, indeed.


One thought on “Disappointing/Worth Exploring

  1. Morocco says:

    What a cute concept! Too bad we don’t have one in Indy. I love bakeries.

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