Something to Resolve

I am a member of Plinky, which is a web site that has writing prompts.  This is good for those days when the muse has left for coffee and hasn’t returned.  Sometimes the prompts are thought-provoking, sometimes… eh.

One, however, has haunted me a bit: Describe what your laugh sounds like.

To be honest, I’ve almost forgotten.  I didn’t realize it until I read the prompt.  I haven’t been laughing that much — not nearly as much as an average adult and certainly less than any child on the planet.  This, of course, disturbs me.  In part because it means I’m not finding joy.  Even when things are absurd, I can usually find the funny.  Sigh… This does worry me.

However, I laughed this afternoon.  It was,surprising.  I’d almost forgotten myself what it was like.  The image,  indeed, was an absurd mental image.  I was reading “Mental Floss” and the article was essentially 10 things you might not know about chickens.  One was that they run FAST –9 miles per hour — making them rather difficult to catch.  Plus they zig-zag.  The mere thought of watching someone chase a chicken made me throw my head back and laugh hard.  So much so that Keb and his friend, Max, wanted to know what was funny.  They would never get it, they couldn’t see what was in my head.

This does tell me that I need to open myself up to joy, to reclaim my love of life.

So here’s what you need to know: my laugh is BIG, BOLD, BRASH, LOUD and NOT AT ALL LADY-LIKE.  I am embarrassing, with my head thrown back and my mouth wide, sound rippling from the base of my throat, and my stomach rolling.

I resolve to find myself in this position more often.  That’s a resolution worth keeping.


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