Haircut & Skin

Every so many years, I grow my hair out.  I say grow my hair out because, since I was about 12, short hair has been my “normal.”  Every so often I worry that I’m too “stuck” in my rut, so I grow it out.  I like the IDEA of long hair; however, I never really seem to love the work of it.  I like my curls, but since they aren’t consistent… Well, hair cuts and what SHOULD happen are rare.

I admit that my current hair cut was accidental at best.  I said I wanted a pixie, but not a Mia Farrow “RoseMary’s Baby” pixie.  The stylist had NO CLUE.  Really, none whatsoever.  At some point we’re looking at short styles, when she suddenly realizes my hair would be so much better layered.  True that, and too late.  It’s what I asked for the LAST haircut.  While cutting, she kept worrying (since neither of us had a plan) that the hair would just stick to my head — that there needed to be softness around my face.  Yeah, I get it — I don’t have much more than a plain face with harsh angles.

That said, I was ready for short hair.  I was envious every time I saw a short cut.  I was also wishing that my hair was just enough longer so that I could easily put it up.  That’s never a good sign.  Adding insult to injury was that I got my most compliments when my hair was back and that both my mother and my mother-in-law were waxing poetic about how much more they liked me with short hair.  That’s funny.  That’s a sign that your hair needs a change.

Although, I admit that my mom would tell me my hair was aging me.  No, that would be my skin.

Then I looked at my skin.  It’s not that bad.  I realized that, going on 44, I still have a neck and a chin.  Hell, I should be celebrating those things.  My skin, while not young anymore, isn’t terrible.  The worst parts are the age spots and the acne scars.  I have wrinkles; I’ve earned them.

However, for this one year, I am going to celebrate the only face I have.  While I may only be “left of plain”, a little boyish looking, and have a strong jaw and a prominent chin, they are mine. To give me an idea, I took pictures fresh from the shower with no make-up, at different angles.  Then I put on make-up and did the same thing.

You can decide which is better, but I think I’m OK either way.

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One thought on “Haircut & Skin

  1. Jolene says:

    You are beautiful natural or with make-up. It is my opinion, that the make-up made you look younger. Go with however you feel and remember, I will always be older then you. Well as long as I am breathing. Ha ha ha

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