Religious Iconography

Probably the most perplexing thing about me is my complete obsession with religion (all shapes and size of it), while openly eschewing it.  I’m probably one of the few people who will enter a church and evaluate its aesthetics.  Because of my complete love of shiny stuff and color, I generally prefer Cathedrals.  While I understand, in fact fully support, Protestant churches (mostly of a Lutheran or Scandinavian variety) that stay away from iconography, preferring to worship in plain, austere churches, I like me a nice tricked out church.

Truly.  There is nothing more beautiful than stained glass windows lining the walls, beautiful, polished wood pews, marble floors, and glorious frescos (if you’re lucky enough).  Add a mosaic or outstanding baptism well, and I’m giddy.  I can sit inside a gorgeous old-world Cathedral for hours, rejoicing in the stunning beauty of the building.

As such, when I do visit such locations, I take pictures of EVERYTHING.  This was the case while we were in San Francisco these last few days.  While (I assume) Barbara and Damon were engaging in a quick prayer, there I was taking as many pictures of the windows that I could.  Of course they don’t always turn out.  Cameras seem confused by windows.  However, you never know, right.

Here are the windows of two Cathedrals in San Francisco.  I tried to split them up, but I ended up with two of the same slideshows.  I guess I’m hoping I got all the pictures.


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One thought on “Religious Iconography

  1. Jolene says:

    I love your pictures and I am with you, some of the older churches as well as any structure has such beauty. I think we were taught this with Mrs. Gooch.

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