My 2010 To-Do List

It started with my THREE must do-s and grew from there!

Meet with a/the lawyer
Taed and I need to create a trust in case something ever happens to one of us. Given that no one gets out of life alive, it seems like we’re about 10 years too late.

Get the donation stuff to Goodwill
It’s clogging the garage. Why hold onto this stuff any longer? It just needs to be done.

Review all check/credit card stuff
It would be good if I listed out the tax-deductible stuff NOW rather than having Taed nag me for the next 3 months. Then again, it’s not like we ever file on time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Clean the house well
It would be nice to have everything up and ready for when school starts. It’s been a while and there’s too much stuff. Plus, this makes the trip to Goodwill more worthwhile because as I clean, I’ll add to the pile. ๐Ÿ™‚

Clean/Organize my classroom
Second semester is starting. It’s a good time to move students, clean up the space, and get ready for 5 months of intellectual growth and pushing. Plus, there’s something about coming back to a clean and organized space that makes teaching easier. It’s good for me and the students.

Get some menus planned
I’m unhappy with my weight. I have been for over a year. Yet in that time, I’ve put on 10-12 pounds rather than taking them off! UGH. I want to plan healthy, interesting meals for us. Time to pull out Mothering and Clean Eating Magazines.

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