Wacky, but Worth It, Advice

Mother Really Does Know Best

My mother is a hotbed of advice you wouldn’t consider. Most of it regarding everyday issues. A lot of this is “old” — Farm Bureau days — but still pretty relevant.

1) When she discovered that I was sexually active, her advice was to urinate before and after (wiping from front to back) so as not to get a urinary tract infection. Also, no matter what, don’t LAUGH at his “thing-y”. Men are sensitive about it. This, coupled with a “who knew” look like men should just know they look ridiculous naked.

2) Don’t listen to anyone’s horror story about childbirth and pregnancy. They are just being dramatic (she had my brother and I without anesthetic and acts like it was nothing) and are in need of attention. Every pregnancy is different and you don’t do yourself any favors getting worked up about it.

3) Start as you intend to go.

4) Don’t refold the towels. Do you want your husband to help with laundry or do you want to be right?

5) Don’t tell people what you plan to call the baby. Everyone has an opinion. Just make up your mind and let them be surprised.

6) Any woman who tells her child everything she sacrificed for him/her, needs to see someone. You shouldn’t resent your children.

7) You’ll only find out when he’s grown and on his own if you did a good job with your child.

8) Don’t lay in bed and whine about having cramps.  It will hurt whether you lay there or if you get up and get on with your life.  If you’re going to be in pain, you may as well be in pain doing something you enjoy. Besides, exercise is great for dealing with cramps.

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One thought on “Wacky, but Worth It, Advice

  1. Jolene says:

    I love your Mom’s advice, some brought a huge smile to my face.

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