Let the Present Opening Begin!

Yesterday started the present-opening season for us.  Generally, we see how many gifts and back out a few days.  Keb gets to select one present a day to open.  No whining or crying do-over.  The only time that was ever an issue was when someone bought him clothes for Christmas.  He was crying, “X RUINED Christmas.”  It was horrifying.  I was never so happy to be in my own home without company in my life.

I don’t really know when or why this family tradition started. I know it wasn’t Keb’s first Christmas, which we spent in Fremont with Barbara, Scott and Mari (I don’t remember Bret and Heidi.  Sorry!). I assume Taed came up with the idea some time afterwards.  Truthfully, had it been me, I simply would have waited until Christmas to open everything.  That’s the way I was raised.  We didn’t even open a gift on Christmas Eve. (after all Santa hadn’t come yet!).

You’d think with time we would have reconsidered this. However, one year while my mom was visiting, we did this.  Keb was TERRIBLE.  He absolutely ripped through everything, tossing gifts aside, and when the carnage was over had the audacity to ask, “Is that it?”  NEVER AGAIN.

I actually find that this system allows him to play with one toy a day and actually appreciate it.  Today he selected a Beyblade given to him by his Uncle Bret and Aunt Heidi.  He has been enjoying it all day.  Yesterday, he opened a new game from his dad which he played with during his playdate today.  His friend, Josh, enjoyed it so much that Keb gave him the same game for Christmas.

I know that we’re an unorthodox family and that our methods are strange.  However, this has easily been one of the most enjoyable and peaceful ways to spend the holiday.


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