Charitable Contributions

Wherein it becomes perfectly clear WHY my husband is a mensch.


I’m not good at supporting charities. I believe in them; I just can’t seem to get butt in gear to get this done.

Taed, on the other hand, is meticulous about this. He has his standing charities and organizations that he supports. He is much more organized, thoughtful, and caring than your average bear (or his wife).

So in no particular order, and with organizations not represented (’cause I don’t know about them) comes: NOW, Planned Parenthood, USO, Southern Poverty Law Center, Habitat For Humanity, something about comics, SETI, Smile Train, Toys for Tots (or whatever is comparable), Food Bank (Second Harvest), AIDS Walk, and Keb’s school.

Really, really cool connection. Keb’s friend Zack has a little sister from China. Her name is Isabelle, but we call her Bizzy. She is. She’s also so freaking adorable that Keb wants his own Bizzy (He’s smart enough to know that our adopting from China would not necessarily get him a cool younger sister like Zack has) from time to time.

Taed and Keb contribute to the Smile Train. For those who don’t know, this is the organization that fixes cleft palate issues in children throughout the world. Bizzy was born with this condition and it was repaired by the Smile Train people. Sure it would have been cool if their contribution had gone directly to help Bizzy; however, seeing what a difference it makes is amazing.

Most of our charities are ones which are there to protect our freedoms and make our world a better place. I say ours, but I mean Taed’s.

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