Well, That Was Unexpected

Dear Ms. Wynnell,

Your recent mammography examination shows a finding that requires additional imaging studies for complete evaluation.  Most such findings are benign (not cancer).  The additional images will allow the Radiologist to see the area(s) in question better.

You will be contacted by the Kaiser Permanente facility where your mammogram was performed to schedule the necessary imaging studies.  If you have not been notified within 7 working days, please contact us.

This was in the mail today. The doctor called at 6 to make sure I got the card.  She wanted to make sure that I call as soon as possible for the follow-up.  Right breast, 6:00 beneath the nipple.  Probably nothing.

I like the idea of probably nothing.  Of course, I wasn’t concerned until the doctor called. Still, it’s probably nothing.


One thought on “Well, That Was Unexpected

  1. Jolene says:

    I know it is scary. It happened to myself 3 years ago. I have some sort of lump that “may” or “may not” turn into cancer. All we can do is keep a watchful eye because according to the health field, it is not medically necessary to remove at this point. Thoughts are with you.

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