Girl Name

Since I was thinking about Taed’s grandmother, Babcia, I was reminded of trying to find a girl’s name for our baby (who ended up being Keb).  At the time, we could not agree on a name.  Taed wanted Marina, which is completely ironic because that’s the name of the little girl Keb played and hung out with at his daycare.  She would micromanage and nag him at 2.  It was cute in a scary “please don’t marry this psycho chick kind of way”.

I had wanted Edith Chelsea.  I figured she could be called Edie.  Taed thought (and still does) that was moronic.  Why not just NAME the kid the NAME you are going to use?  Needless to say, he was nice enough to give in to Kaleb; although, Keb has mentioned that he wishes Keb was just his name.  🙂  Sigh.  It sucks when you’re wrong.

However, over time, I came up with what I feel is the best girl’s name for our family. Taed’s grandmother was named Eleanor.  His mother’s middle name is Helen.  My mom’s middle name is Elaine.  Strangely enough, both Helen and Elaine seem to come from the common Greek name for light, it seemed that a variation on this theme would work.  Eleanor isn’t that far from Elaine, so I decided that our perfect girl name (that we will NEVER use because we are TOO OLD to have children and have NO, ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH desire for another one) is Helena.

However, it’s nice to think that one would honor family if given the choice.  I wonder how they’d feel if we named a cat in their honor.  It’s not the same, is it?


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