More Christmas Gift Wants

So my mom points out to me that she’s buying me things from my list.  I’m excited.  However, she said to me last night, “You know, you forgot to put new cookie sheets on that list.”  Ouch.  She’s right, of course.  However, there was something both amusing and painful about how she said it.  It’s like when you let your undies go too long.  You KNOW they aren’t pretty or functional, but you’ve been too lazy.  It’s kinda shameful.

Still, it got me to thinking about other things that I want. Such as:

  • Maybe a Smart Board
  • More Young Adult books for my classroom library
  • My own room in my “wing” at school to house my library
  • An elliptical trainer — I’m getting tired of my Nordic Track
  • A king-sized faux-down comforter (Keb’s allergic to feathers) and comforter covers
  • Sock monkey anything because sock moneys are CUTE
  • A large capacity external hard drive to store all my pictures and music on
  • My childhood pictures scanned and digitally stored (or the equipment to do so myself)
  • My family to send me their “stories”.  Most of my grandparents have died, so has my dad, and some aunts and uncles.  I guess I’d like their childhood stories and their memories of my grandparents.  I’d like my mom’s stories of growing up — even the hard ones.
  • My principal to be my principal for the next 3 years (to get us through a few cycles of our program).  I’m worried and doubt that school districts read their employees’ Christmas lists, let alone grant wishes.
  • A new big chair
  • The really big CRICUT and cartridges to use in school creations
  • A working home economics room at school (remember, I jumped the reality shark a few wishes back)
  • A clear map and directions on how to get the needed upper unit hours in math to become single-subject certified so I could teach just this if needed

I think that’s it.  Most are not realistic desires or goals.  They are mine anyway.


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