Needs Work

Some editing, a focus… It just got away.  However, it’s a start of something that I may or may not get back to,

I fell in love when we first met

Following November, the wedding date was set

Then three lovely children followed, one by one

It wasn’t easy but it sure as hell was fun


We had our family, we had our jobs

You were my Felix, I was your slob

Bills and school and games on Friday nights

Led me to believe that everything was more than right


And now she’s calling to clue me in

At how incredibly naïve I’ve been

Phone calls, emails, texts and weekends at the shore

Let me know that you’re not mine anymore


I’ve cried my eyes out, I’ve stayed at home

Even with friends, I’m so alone

You weren’t just my husband, you were my best friend

How dumb was I to think it’d never end?


You’re moving on now, you have your stuff

You hate to see me, said it’s enough

My heart is broken, it’s been ripped in two

You’ve ground it underneath your shoe


You tell me grow up, how right you are

You’re the one who left us with the broken car

The kids are still with me, and they deserve so much more

Than being left by their lame-ass father for some two-bit whore


I’m at the ball games, I’m at the school

I’m all alone now, I set the rules

The kids are happy, and really so am I

Very thankful that you said your big good-bye


One thought on “Needs Work

  1. Jolene says:

    Wow! This is very good!

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