Christmas List

While Mom was out visiting, she asked what I wanted for Christmas.  It gave me pause because generally I don’t NEED anything as I’m quite good at acquiring stuff.  However, the more I started to think about it, I realized there are some things that I want and desire.  I’m at that point where I’d like to REPLACE things. 🙂 For example, I’d like most of the kitchen stuff to end up blue and yellow (love that combination).  I like khaki with those colors as well.  However, it’s hard to find that in bakeware, so I don’t ask.  Let’s start the very public (inviting some flaming) viewing of the  Christmas list.

$21 at Target

$50 at Target & More than I need; but could replace other stuff. Unless I break it.

This is the 9x13 pan. It's $17 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

This is a pretty set. It's $45 at Target. Obviously I don't want ALL of these bake pans!

Want the "yellow fruits" one. $9.99 each at Bed, Bath & Beyond

Called Cuisine Sorrento Pot Holder -- both $4.99 each. Just want 2 of each pot holder & oven mitt. No towels needed.

Wilton Bake & Carry Set $35 at BB&B. Actually, I need a covered cake pan, but this would work.

$20 at Target -- Calphalon Covered Cake Pan. I'd still need a mini-muffin pan, or I could just do without it.

So in love with this, but it's $50 at Macy's (again, only need ONE set of bowls). Joseph Joseph 8-Piece Multicolor Nesting Kitchen Set $49.99

Having gotten used to a Toaster Oven, I now want one that's better/more powerful. This is $130 at BB&B. Yes, I have expensive taste. No, I don't expect anyone to buy it. KitchenAid® 12'' Convection Bake Countertop Oven - Silver

Love the color, not the price. It would have to be the advertised $110 at Macy's to be worth it. Hotel Collection Links Duvet Cover, Queen

Yes, it's $50 and probably doesn't work. However, how do you ask for 6 sessions of microdermabrasion or skin peels?

Thus concludes my Christmas list.  If I get something, cool beans.  If I don’t, oh well.  It’s all about the surprise and the thoughts, right?


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