One of our local radio stations usually begins to play Christmas music after Thanksgiving, or so I thought.  However, it seems they started early as I’ve been hearing it for the past week.  Normally I’d be annoyed by this.  This year, however, the music has been a reminder for me to send regular good vibes out to Gloria.

For those who are unaware, Gloria was one of the first people I met in California as she was my colleague at IDEMA.  I can’t say it was my dream job or that I did spectacularly well working there; yet, Gloria and I managed to forge a small bond.  We’d remained friendly over the past 10 years as I left to become a teacher, and she moved to Folsom and then El Dorado Hills to start her family.  Over the years, Gloria and her husband, John, had three children — two boys and one girl.

She seemed poised to live happily ever after.

I’m sure you’ve seen enough Lifetime movies to know that this is the part where happy ever after doesn’t happen the way you’d expect.  Gloria’s husband, John, was killed in a motorcycle accident October 16th.  Not a day has passed where I haven’t thought about Gloria and her children.  It’s horrible to say that I can’t imagine the pain she is feeling and the difficulty of facing each day, with three small children, without the love of your life.  I am so sad that this happened.

Christmas was always Gloria’s favorite holiday.  She’d play Christmas music all year.  It was because of her that the office was decorated.  In fact, her home in El Dorado Hills was one of those you could imagine decked out for the holidays.  The entrance was just that grand.  Each time I hear Christmas music, I think of Gloria and her three children.

This Christmas will be hard on her.  Her daughter has already suggested that they leave a picture of John near the fireplace so that when Santa sees him, he will bring John home instead of leaving presents.  I don’t know about you, but my heart breaks when I read this.  If only it were true and could really happen.

For those of us blessed enough to have our families intact, remember to give thanks.  For those we love who are enduring difficult times, please extend your prayers.  I suspect, for some, this Christmas will not be merry. For those, I send my blessings. You are loved.


One thought on “Christmas

  1. Jolene says:

    Oh Rhonda! My heart wept for them, for her. How horrible.

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