10 Things That Make Me Happy

My Little CA Family
Keb tends to be just joyful and festive. Taed makes sure we do what’s right. Plus, they are my chosen people with whom to hang out.

My Friends
They accept me as I am. They love me despite myself. They work to make sure I am a better person.

Where else can you talk all damned day and be “right.” I love being able to introduce students to new concepts, ideas and pathways. I love that they constantly teach me what they need, too. Plus, most are just wonderful and awesome people.

I get the opportunity to let my mind wander freely with no constraints. At the same time, the sweat makes me feel productive.

Crappy Tabloid Magazines
I don’t have to do anything to understand them. They are a simple, guilty pleasure.

Top Chef and Project Runway
It’s reassuring to watch creative people challenge themselves.

My IA Family
They remind me of my roots, they keep me grounded, and they are cause for thought and amusement.

He always challenges me to be better. He challenges my thoughts or attitudes of superiority and reminds me that I, too, am flawed.

There is something joyful about connecting with a being that can’t “talk” to you in your language.

I love the decadence of eating rich, sweet, creamy and bad-for-you foods. In fact, I want something with frosting on it right now. 🙂

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