As a teacher, especially to upper grade students, we discuss priorities a lot.  Time management is a priority issue.  You hope school work takes priority, but, let’s be honest, that’s not always the case.  I have hope that training them young will result in better productivity, respect and responsibility on the job front.  Sure, I’m not teaching them C++, but hell, that’s been replaced by other languages, too.  It’s the soft skills people really want, even if they don’t know it.

This, however, is not about school.  It’s about  people we don’t name so that I don’t have to listen to nasty voice mail or field snarky comments on my blog.  They remain nameless only to protect me.  Interestingly enough, these people always find themselves and then are mad at me for pointing out the “issues”.  I’ll get comments whether I want them or not.

I’m just throwing this out there.  IF you had to declare bankruptcy because your bills were TOO much to handle, your mortgage was upside down because you TOOK ALL THE EQUITY OUT TO BUY SH*T YOU DIDN’T NEED, you HAVE to pay for everyday stuff with a credit card because you don’t have money any other way, and your work situation is so-so at best, well then, I’m just saying that you probably DON’T really need that (pick one) fancy vacation, evening out  drinking with the friends, new purse, elaborate party for WHOEVER/WHATEVER, new kitchen, or state-of-the-art media set-up.

I’d be less pissed off irritated if it weren’t for the on-going cries of woe and sorrow filled with how you can’t pay for x, y, z that your BLAH, BLAH, BLAH needs.  It’s usually followed with a request for help — for money.  Wait, how are you going to pay me back when you can’t…. Oh, I get it.  You won’t be paying me back.  Right…

But wait!  There’s more!  Somewhere during one of these dirty little interchanges will be the ongoing rant about how THOSE PEOPLE are TAKING ADVANTAGE of the system.  That’s right.  We  pay our mortgage, live within our means, don’t live elaborate lives, and actually give charitably.  You, who have the morality of an Enron executive, have been milking the system by taking out loans, running up credit card debt, and going into foreclosure, only to have it forgiven and to repay at something like 30¢ on the dollar.  That’s right, I PAY my entire bill.  YOU get to keep all the TOYS and, oh yeah, I PAY your bill too.  Plus you want money on top of it, because you can’t afford whatever other bill  is due.  To top it off, I often hear from you how it’s THOSE people who are milking the system — you know, the brown ones who get a free school uniform (or God-forbid, lunch)  for their kids. That’s rich.

If you licked me, you would taste BITTER.

For the sake of having any kind of ongoing personal relationship, shut up, clean up your act, and stop acting like you’re a victim.  Otherwise you will be — of homicide.

PS Your Christianity doesn’t impress me under these particular circumstances.


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